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The whole of humanity should dance

It is useless to stand in the way of those who have not yet understood


Isadora Duncan

The Online Workshop THE LEGACY OF ISADORA DUNCAN was specially designed to promote, encourage and spread the valuable artistic proposal of Isadora Duncan, whose peculiarities far exceed the world of dance, becoming material worthy of being appreciated by society in general.

The activity is aimed at lovers of dance in all its forms, those who wish to understand the historical evolution of the language of dance, and anyone interested in knowing and / or deepening their knowledge about the dance and literary work of this wonderful artist.


The work will be carried out from the communicational approach of various writings in which Isadora Duncan expressed her wishes, interests and objectives for the art of dance and our humanity as a whole.

Certificate of participation will be awarded.


• Online from anywhere in the world

• Duration: 3 theoretical-practical weekly deliveries.

-You will receive bibliographic material and work instructions, once a week. You will comfortably choose the days and times for its reading and completion.

-You will have our personalized coaching receiving returns to each activity.

-At the end of the course you will receive your certificate of participation and a special gift.


• All countries: PayPal

• Argentina: Deposit or bank transfer

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